Saturday, April 21, 2007

Experimenting with Enamel

This-large-painting is 54x48. It started with an arc of yellow paint from a 4" brush more or less where the larger yellow area is now. When it wasn't working, I walked into San Miguel de Allende, where I paint in the winter, and bought red, black and grey enamel. I drizzled the enamel, Jackson Pollack style, onto the canvas on the studi0 floor. Four hours later the enamel had set up to a very thick goo. Looking at it on the floor I thought "what was I thinking?". I scraped off as much as I could leaving whatever black or red you see now. It looked really god awful. From there on out it was just trying to make something of it. It hangs in our home in Mexico and I like it a lot. o/c (2006)

Friday, April 20, 2007

Mexico Abstract # 1 48x54 o/c

I-painted-this-my-first week back in Mexico on top of failed experiments from last year. Painting on old paintings has the advantage of the texture of the dried paint and the bits of odd color that show through. I liked the proportions of this painting so I ordered up 13 more bastadores (Spanish for the stretcher bars on which the canvas is stretched) the same size. It is 48x54 inches, oil on canvas, October 2006. (collection of the artist)

Mexico Abstract # 2 54x48 o/c

As-I-recall this started out as a landscape which evolved in rather devious ways to get where it is now. 54x48 inches, oil on canvas, 2007. (collection of the artist)

Ladd Hill Series # 11

This-painting-was done in the studio from a smaller plein air painting. It is the eleventh painting in this series. I painted it on top of an older painting which provided texture and some traces of red showing through. 48x54 oil on canvas. (collection of the artist)

Mexico Abstract # 3 54x48 o/c

I-had-painted for 8 years before I ever painted a pink painting. It was de Kooning that inspired me. This one was painted with a palette knife. 54x48 inches, oil on canvas, December 2006. (collection of the artist)

Mexico Abstract # 5 54x48 o/c

For-some-reason I was really into red this winter, usually with green but in this case just the red. This painting started out very much like the Mexican Abstract #2 above and at one time had lots of greens and white in it. I love the process of experimenting repeatedly until the painting works for me. 54x48 inches, oil on canvas, April 2007. (collection of the artist)

Mexico Abstracts # 6 54x48 o/c

Another-abstract paintings from the winter of 2006-7. These are 54x48 oil on canvas, 2006.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Mexican Landscapes from Winter 2006-7

The-first-painting is 24x20 and was painted plein air. Most-of-the remaining-paintings in this group are 54x48 and were painted in the studio.